A picture can say more than a thousand words. We will therefore first and foremost let the pictures talk about our beautiful and varied surroundings both summer and winter. See also Kjell Iver Johansen's tour diary with fantastic panoramic pictures - it is recommended!

This is northern Norwegian mountain nature from 400 m.o.h. and up to the highest peaks in the region (Oksskolten 1916 m.o.h.). The bedrock consists mainly of slate and limestone - which gives lush vegetation with intense colors far to the mountains.

Apart from the Okstind massif itself, the landscape forms are rounded with valley guides in several directions. This makes the area very easily accessible and suitable for hiking. East of Okstindene is Spjeltfjelldalen - a nature reserve protected due to the rich bird life - especially migratory and wading birds. Nordlandsruta follows the hillside on the east side of the reserve.

Røssvatnet is Norway's second largest lake and is regulated up to 11 m. This means that the beach zone varies a lot throughout the year, but in normal years the water fills up a good deal over the summer. Four large rivers flow out around Nord-Røssvatnet, and there are several fine sandy beaches for excursions.

Panorama from Hjartfjellet  Foto: Kjell Iver Johansen