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Nordlandsruta is a continuous hiking route throughout Nordland county, a total of 570 km. In this tour proposal, we follow parts of this route starting from Umbukta mountain lodge by E12 in Rana to Garsmark in Hattfjelldal.

On the trip along the Nordlandsruta you will experience northern Norwegian mountain nature at its best with heights from 400 masl to the highest peak in the region, Oksskolten at 1916 masl. The area is very easily accessible and is suitable for hiking. NB! From Umbukta, provisions must be taken for at least 2 nights as neither Kjensvasshytta nor Gressvasshytta are serviced.

Day 1: From Umbukta to Kjensvasshytta

Starting from Umbukta mountain lodge, the Nordland route goes southwest in light terrain between Akersvatnet and Øver-Uman towards Austre Kjensvatn. Here is Kjensvasshytta, a large beautiful cabin with a good standard. Hemnes Tourist Association rents out the cabin and has a key. See contact information at the bottom of the page.

Length: About 24 km. Time: About 8 hours.

Day 2: From Kjensvasshytta to Gressvasshytta or Stekvassselv Farm.

If you want a shorter stage on day 2, we suggest that you go to Gressvasshytta for accommodation. This trip takes 3.5-4 hours. If you want a longer stage, go to Stekvasselv Gård, a walk of about 9.5-10 hours.

The trip from Kjensvasshytta goes east on the north side of Okstindene to Gressvasshytta, a hike in medium difficult terrain. Gressvasshytta has 20 beds and here you can spend the night in a sheet bag. Hemnes Turistforening has a key to the cabin, see contact info at the bottom of the page.

The path from Gressvasshytta follows the hillside on the east side of Spjeltfjelldalen nature reserve towards Nord-Røssvatnet and Granheim. Stekvasselv Gård is located about 2 km west of Granheim where the trail comes down on the county road.

Length: from Kjensvasshytta to Gressvasshytta: About 10 km. Time: 3.5-4 hours.

Length from Kjensvasshytta to Stekvasselv Gård: About 27 km. Time: 9.5-10 hours.

Stekvasselv Farm

The farm offers accommodation in good beds and dining and provisions by arrangement.The farm also has canoe and boat rentals and the area is ideal for hunting and fishing experiences. See contact information at the bottom of the page.

Round trip to Hulbekktjønna: Length: About 9km. Time use: 3.5 hours in light terrain.

Day 3: Stekvasselv Farm - Sivertgården

From Stekvasselv Farm, the trip goes over Tjetterskardet and on in light mountain terrain. Between Stekvasselv and Sivertgården you pass several good fishing lakes. The route comes down on a municipal road about 2 km east of Sivertgården which is located 500 meters above sea level with a view of Famnvatnet. On the farm you can spend the night in a cabin or log cabin. Provisions can be ordered by appointment.Length: About 15 km. Time: 5-6 hours.

Day 4: Sivertgården - Krutvatnet

After passing the skard through Krutfjellet, on the northeast side of Krutvatnet, you will find an open and unattended cabin that belongs to Statskog. Here you can stay overnight if desired.Length: About 18 km. Time use: About 6 hours in light terrain.

Day 5: Krutvatnet - Garsmark

On the route between Krutvatnet and Garsmark there is light mountain terrain and here too there are many fishing opportunities. Tverelvnes Gård in Garsmark offers accommodation in a cabin or house and also accepts food orders by appointment.Length: About 14 km. Time: About 5 hours.

Practical information:

• For those who do not drive their own car, you can take a plane or train to Mo i Rana. Stekvasselv Gård offers, by appointment, pick-up at the airport or railway and transport to the starting point.

• Tverelvnes Gård in Garsmark offers, by agreement, a ride to Hattfjelldal. From here there is a bus to Trofors for travel home by train, or to Mosjøen for travel home by plane.

Contacts and useful websites:

• Hemnes Tourist Association

• Stekvasselv Farm: Tel. 916 70 540/915 56 282.

• Sivertgården: Tel. 75 18 51 43/947 93 765

Tverelvnes Gård: Tel.75 18 41 14/995 63 522.